Becoming Entrefied

ENT 190: Imagine the outcome of what you want

September 04, 2020 Patrick / Jeff
Becoming Entrefied
ENT 190: Imagine the outcome of what you want
Becoming Entrefied
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Show Notes

Lets take your goals for a minute. What are they?


Maybe it is to be a millionaire.



Be in good shape with six-pack abs.

Have lots of cardio and energy.

Imagine your dreams are possible for a minute, you must believe to have a better shot of reaching them. It is like wanting to run a mile when you don’t believe you can; it will probably be very hard. 

How are some ways you may reach those goals? 

Let’s use some of the examples I’ve listed above. 

To be a Millionaire, you may have to be willing to invest your time, energy, and money and find things that have a profit margin. So let’s say you look into real estate, options trading, starting your unique niche business selling widgets. Where is the demand is the question? Maybe it is in the service business; you are in construction, so you look at building quality homes and more than reasonable prices and finding help to help you scale the business. Whatever that dream is, whether it is being a millionaire or just being out of debt, write down some things you want to achieve. 

I want you to write down what you think may achieve it. I want you to imagine the outcome of whatever you want to achieve. Imagine what all you need to do, and see it is already done. Now the question is do you think you would have accomplished your goal? You can project yourself on things just like this, and use your imagination to inspire and creatively think about what you might do.

Right now, in this day and time, with everything going on, it is probably wise to have six months saved of your salary. If you cannot do that, at least try to get to 5000 or so dollars to have a little cushion. 

After you have saved six months of your income, it might be time to open yourself up to your dreams and become a little vulnerable. If you never step out, you will never win. It is important to open up and try new things sometimes even if you lose because in the long run, you will need to have opened up to truly have lived.

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