Becoming Entrefied

ENT 189: Rapid Fire Thoughts Today

September 02, 2020 Patrick / Jeff
Becoming Entrefied
ENT 189: Rapid Fire Thoughts Today
Becoming Entrefied
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Show Notes

Taking some time in the morning to meditate before getting going or before going to bed.


Getting enough sleep, hopefully, 7 hours or more.


Trying to get more air when you sleep. I have found when I have more airflow I sleep better. Maybe looking up something you can do to get better sleep.

Setting your alarm clock at least 1 hour earlier.

Fina a way to manage your time better. Get to the point you can almost mange every moment, and get productive early it will pay dividends.

Start trying to be consistent with what you’re doing. If you are not going to maintain it, it may not work.

Copy success, what works in different areas in your life. Find the formula. Know what your good at and what your not.

Be real with yourself, are you giving what you should? Dong your best?

Don’t waste your time complaining. It doesn’t do any good find a way to turn a negative into a learning experience or something positive. Save your breath. Take the time to listen to me on this complaining will make you feel bad.


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