Becoming Entrefied

ENT 54: Increase Your Success with Renewal on Mondays with Jeff

February 03, 2020 Patrick / Jeff Episode 54
Becoming Entrefied
ENT 54: Increase Your Success with Renewal on Mondays with Jeff
Becoming Entrefied
ENT 54: Increase Your Success with Renewal on Mondays with Jeff
Feb 03, 2020 Episode 54
Patrick / Jeff

Join Jeff and I as we discuss how to relax and renew!

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Join Jeff and I as we discuss how to relax and renew!

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Are you ready to be entre vied? Let's break free of the life we're told to live, create freedom and well, by adding value to others live challenge traditions, challenge authority and get entre fied. Hey, guys. Patrick here with entre fied and Jeff. Hey, Jeff, How you doing today?

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I am doing good. I'm happy to be here.

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Awesome, man. Glad to hear we've been ah, gripping a rip in here lately with some podcasts. Really? Really. We have been going through this for what? We've done this accountability call for months. And so we've decided. We finally said, All right, man, we really need to get focused on our goals and our life and just really get really get in there, really dig in there and get deep into the content, making it great for everybody. So we hope you guys are enjoying it. And we'd love if you leave some feedback on, you know, apple iTunes or email us that success. It entre fied. Just go somewhere and give us some feedback because we want to cater to you guys. This is a show for you guys, and we're not here to To Dara warns were to yours, So just want to kick it off the day talking about taking a day off. It's okay to take a day off so many people nowadays, like Elon Musk. Hey. Talks about working 100 hours a week. I know this is other guy, uh, Gary Vander Chuck. He's like, man, 100 hours a week, How much I work and that's okay, but made. Sometimes you need a day off and I know we talk about the Bible a lot, and it's one of the things it sticks out to me there. There's a lot of great parables are you can learn from there and it talks about the Sabbath. Day is a day of rest, a day of rest. So, you know he's in the body. He said God spent the 1st 6 days of building the Earth in seven day take a rest day. So it's okay to take arresting. It's You shouldn't have to constantly be charging forward, you know, not stop and not doing anything, because eventually you're gonna burn out. I mean, have you ever burned out Jeff?

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Well, there's times I definitely need a rest. I can tell you that. You know When you get motivated toward what you're doing and get productive and do things like that, it's not even sometimes you don't even feel like work. But it still weighs on you. And you may not even realize, uh, how much is affecting you until you get the point where you're just like, wow, I just did not know that I needed that extra rest. I mean, I've had that happen. You know where I was, like, I was just so tired that day and I slipped an extra 23 hours in the side, because, I mean I mean, I've talked about it before, you know, probably in part gas. Sometimes I'm up 3456 o'clock and more. Just peons. Most time I'm a pretty early, you know. But there are days that I sleep in, generally on a Sunday, which I get up, go to church. Um, which is awesome for me. It's just looked like a renewing, but that's a whole nother subject. Um, but I spend like, uh, probably an hour or two on Sundays, catching up most of the time that sometimes my body just I don't know, I could get in the motor go. You know when uh so yes, I have had those times where I was just burned out and tired of dealing with things. And I think that's the reason for the rest, you know? I mean, because sometimes you may not even realize you know that you're out toward you actually are. We're talking about mentally tired, you know, just physically tard. But you need wrists.

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Yeah. Yeah. I mean, definitely, I definitely agree. Boat in both regards. Uh, I have a lot of ah epiphanies and just completely random revelations. It, like 5 a.m. in the morning. It's hilarious because you just wake up out of bed and you think that's the last thing you wanted to be? Was to be thinking about business podcast mindset, all that you like me. What am I doing thinking about this already? I just woke up, and your brain is like turning like a like a gear is just going. And I love those moments. I just love it when you have a clarity and you have a message that you just you know it in your head. It's a message. You've got to go write that down somewhere. So write that down. That's kind of off topic point. But what I was going on with where I was going with that was I was driving to go to the gym one day and I was up like, 5 30 I was driving off to Jim, and I didn't realize I was almost out of gas. And I was like, Wow, man, I've really didn't realize I was on my side, I guess. And so I pulled over at the gas station and I said, You know, man, I need to get some fuel and get some gas, obviously, to keep going. And I thought about we as humans. Oh, if we constantly Dr we run out of gas were the same way as a car. We eventually run out of gas. So when you start running on fumes, do you think you're gonna be a CZ productive as when you're on a full tank? When you have a full tank of gas, you think you could get us far as you can on fumes, so sometimes it's okay to take a break. I mean, you cannot go full throttle in your vehicle nonstop every single day. 24 7 because eventually you're gonna be broke down on the side of the road and there may not be anybody to help you. You may be stranded there, and it may be really bad. So you have to realize that you you have to pace yourself. You can't be going all out all out crazy because eventually you're gonna break down. And what what do you think about the

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well that makes sense. I mean, you know, there's a lot of different thoughts, and I'm thinking about actually only like to, you know, even in your seasons you start to see things Patrick like, you know, you got spring, summer, fall and winter, you know, And if you look at those which I constantly and seeing a teachable moment, I mean, that's just my nature. And so I can look out here in nature and see things and people like, How did you get that from that? I'm sure that's probably what they think. But ah, you know, in regards to seasons, if you ever watching that, you'll see in the middle of winners. Though they use these things, it's off trees and everything is so still. You know, it seems like it's, you know, possibly dated, you know, And you look at that and it looks almost morbid in some, you know, sense to certain people. But, you know, I don't take it like that. I mean, I look at it as a time of renewing, you don't know. And I look at it because spring comes and summer comes around, You know, the seasons tell you things like that. I mean, what you're talking about his rants. But you can see that in the seasons you can stay it with day and not, you know, I mean, you can see a lot of these things and I don't know. I know I'm going kind of going deep in the rabbit hole, so to speak. But, you know, it's so true that gotta set these things up for reasons, you know? I mean, you've got a lot You've got dark, you've got cold, you've got hot. Yeah. You have something that balances things. You know, when people it's so far beyond me how people can look at something in sight. I just don't see that I don't see how you think. Say that there's a God I'm like, good grief. I mean, I can't see how you can have that kind of faith to think that there is no God. I mean, you look at these things out here. They didn't happen by accident, you know? I mean, they really did. I mean, I don't see just I can't consume that. I mean, you look a seed. It has. It has life inside of it, You know what I mean? There's just it's just hard for me, too, to conceive a lot of the things that I see in nature every day. You know? I know we get desensitized to things, you know? I mean, you're around something long enough and you just take it is normal. But what I'm saying is, even now when I take a walk and I look around at nature, I start seeing that there is a violence that I can't fathom. And I know that may sound strange to some of you guys out there, but it's like I can't see. You know what? The vision completely. It's just amazing to me. You look up with the stars, you see hundreds if not thousands of starch. Sometimes, you know, and you start thinking about, you know, the vastness of spikes. You know, things is set up in balance, you know, and it's just I know I'm going. Like I said, go up a little bit further off topic, possibly on this. But everything has a balance and so that when you work, you need a balance of rest. You know, it just kind of goes hand in hand. You may or may not realize that, but believe me, your body and mind needs one thing I would like to mention here, Patrick and I don't know what you're capable of. This is yes. You need physical rest, you know, But there is a spiritual rest. You know, a lot of people I don't know after if they're involved with going to church and doing things like that. You know, there's a saying that I heard one time that you can't always be filling up without being field, which means, you know, you get to a point in life where you're always giving, you're giving, you're giving your time. You're you're helping people, you know. And then there's that time that you go when you get field up. And believe me, I mean, in this time of my life. You know, I'm still continually getting filled up. I mean, Sundays is a big thing for me because I just said it's a renewing, you know? And I mean, that crosses for me happens. You know, hopefully every week. You know where I get a fresh dose of, you know, Faith believes, you know, when the goddess there, you know, in which I'm a Christian, you know, when people know that. But what I'm getting at is is that is my time of renewing. You know, my faith. Because in the week, even in your work week, if you're not careful, there will be things that kind of just you get down about, you know, and I'm pretty much an uplifted guy. But thirties times were, you know, you just need a rest day where you can say, you know what I need to spiritually reset from while it kind of junk with people trying to push out off of you because we're all human. And there is stress in your life most of time. If you're a normal person and we need to get spiritually reset and finding that place that we can get field backup. Does that make sense, Patrick?

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Yeah. I mean, the scaffolding that was my next point could be talking about recharging, resetting S o. I think that's very important that, like you said, there's there's multiple types of wait a ways you could be exhausted. You maybe physically super strong, super whatever. And you maybe, you know, just ready to run a triathlon. But mentally, you may have just taken one of the hardest test of your life and your drain mentally. Well, there's two different types of air You tired mentally or physically, and then spiritually, that's 1/3 type. Are you Are you tired in that regard? Have you been giving too much outward are heavy and not taking anything in mint for yourself. So yeah, definitely agree in that aspect. And that's where taking a day off to kind of re focus. It's my next point refocus and reflect on who you are, where you're going, where you've come from. Okay, How can I improve? I mean, you really have to get down to, and there's this thing I her I used to listen to. It was about a man who got what they call it something Sunday and basically ever Sunday you would go and look back at your weak and you look forward at you're weak and you would say, All right, here's what I'm gonna do. Here's what I could do better And you're basically kind of you're refocusing and your resetting everything spiritually, mentally and physically once a week. That's That's what was suggested by this. And I think that's really important that you address yourself. And I know I repeat this a lot that you are. You're you are basically a factory of your like you're doing what you are in the United States. You are. You are the person that you have to take care of, like it's weird to explain, but you have to take care of yourself. You have to know your limits. If they know your boundaries, you have to know much energy you can use on something. And it's just weird to say that you have to study yourself actively throughout your life because nobody knows your boundaries except for you. And that is something you have to learn. Nobody else can tell you. Hey, you get tired after doing this for two hours on Lee you know that. And that's where you have to grow as a person. You have the recharge. You gotta reset. You gotta refocus. And taking that day off allows you to put yourself really pin to paper and say, All right, Patrick, you you can only really honestly handle you're going going to the gym before you feel to sort of move four days a week for 30 minutes, all right? And so just realizing what you can take physically, mentally, spiritually and what what you can receive is really a huge point getting your benchmarks put on paper. And like I said before in the past episode, you can't You don't You can't really manage something when you don't have any data when you don't have any, um, you don't have any any real proof that you've done it. So like I cannot manage my time If I don't know where it's going, I can't manage my money if I don't check my bank account ever. If I just go on Wal Mart and start swiping that saying like I won the lottery or like a Chuck E cheese card like I just going Walmart just swipe it up and down. I mean, that I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be out of money fairly quickly. So if you think about in that regards off, if you don't know what you're spending in your bank account or whatever, if you don't have some kind of metric or some kind of way to oversee yourself, you are gonna just go crazy. And the next thing you know, you're gonna be burn out and you're gonna be tired. You're gonna be exhausted. You're gonna be in big trouble. So you know what? Your thoughts. Yeah,

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well, I mean, yeah, I mean, I agree, because, I mean, you can get to mentally exhausted Mets. That's something that I struggle with a lot of the time because I'm I'm an analyzer. You know, I analyze things and I could break things down. Uh, one of my things that I do rarely will is if you give me two or three different things, I can work it out. You know, now, when I get that, I might not make sense for you guys out there, But what I'm talking about is this I can deduce information and troubleshoot. Really? Well, that's my strong suit. So But, you know you can't get to the point. We're if you get too engaged on certain things, you know, it takes a mental strain on your life, and you have to know when recognize. Hey, I'm taking this too serious, you know? And I need to just take a little time and, you know, and relax, breathe and just chill out for a bit. But, you know, as you get older, I think some people go through this. I know I am. Right now. It is something I've thought of more than once. I've got to the point, and it's my sound strange, and it's hard to really talk about you guys. But when you get to the point where you don't have nothing, really to prove and you're pretty much comfortable or you're at and you're just you're you're living your life in the moments and there's been a few times in my life that I've experienced this, I didn't expect anything. I didn't really, it was It's just this almost surreal experience where somebody was talking to me, and it's kind of like I was enjoying that moment. I had no anticipation for the most part on what was happening next. I was in general in the flow of it. I was enjoying the moment itself. And, you know, when you get to the point where you can relax a little bit because most of time I have an agenda, Uh, you know, there's a lot of things. It's fast paced. Today has been really, really fast paced for me. Guys, you know, one thing, the next one thing, the next. I mean, just all day long, and it's become money, life. And to be honest with you, it used to be that that was such a was nowhere near that. You know, I was really relaxed, really. You know, just, you know, there wasn't much pressure on it, but I'll be honest with you now. I've kind of got used to that kind of lifestyle, and I feel better, and I feel good about it. But they're still those times and occasions that I like to just enjoy where I'm at. You know, I don't know if if you can really conceptualize this where you understand what I'm talking about, Alicia in that mindset. But what I'm talking about is you get to the point or you could just say I'm OK with myself. I'm comfortable in my own skin. Have nothing left to prove. But now I'm just enjoying it. You know what? I'm enjoying the moments I'm enjoying talking to somebody. That's a friend. I'm enjoying talking to a mentor or a teacher or somebody that I'm trying to help. And it's just like I realize that, as I've said before, and maybe how Patrick doesn't get tired of me saying it, I realize that most things are eternal value now. So it's like I realized that everything else, for the most part is gonna pass away. So when most things don't matter, unless their eternal than what matters is the moments that you live. So if you could start looking at, your moments are precious and you can start living in those moments and you can start saying how you know what? I'm never gonna get this moment back. You said, Well, what does that matter if it's an eternal? There's two major things that I see that matter. There's eternal things which outlast you, where you stayin with God, where you're going What what have you done with Jesus? As I've said before. We're when what I've said before but what I've heard before. So there's the turn with value. And then there's the moments you live and I'm talking about the things you do for other people that was expendable. Used to in a way I look at it may be wrong about that, but I think the things that you do, it's good for other people. They are eternal vase, you know, those are things that will outlive you. You never know if you do one thing for somebody you never know. That might affect their great great grandchildren because you did something for them. You have no idea. I have no idea about that, you know? And it may be that we get to a point where in heaven, where people come to you and I say, you know, because you did that right there, This spawned all that out, you know? I mean, we don't know, but my point is, so let me recap for minute. It's what you've done with Jesus, how you stand with God getting the value of other people, you know, adding value to their lives. And then it comes down to and I'm talking about, You know, your family members, friends and things like that and then the last part. And I'm not getting all of this Guy's okay, but I'm trying to give you a good understanding, really, How I feel. It's not an all inclusive, defined, you know thing. But I'm trying to get you as close as I can. Ah, that it makes sense. The last part is, is the moments of your life, and that's where you only get so many moments. And I know people so well. If I die, the more it don't matter it well, that's true. If you if you got all those other things right that I've already mentioned about the eternal value. Ah, but it still matters. If you live a long life and you say, You know what, It's just like I said before. Yes, Sometimes you only get one life, but if you live it right, it's enough. So if you if you take those moments in your life and you're sucking the juice out alive, man, you know, and you're doing all those other things that really matter that are not superficial. But they really matter. I mean, how did you live a better life? Yeah. I mean, you said, What do you think about that?

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Patrick? Yeah. I mean, there's, um moments. There's very moments in your life that's totally joking about this train if you got to say it. But there's there's moments in your life. You only get one chance toe, have that moment, and there's a lot of those that go by and those times you have to determine what's more important to you. There's And there's a guy Greg Mack Yone. He's, ah, a book. I read his. He talks about how his his daughter was being born his first daughter, and he was at work. He was, ah, thing. He was consulting somebody, And he was They asked him to go to a meeting so he gets a call right before the meeting. Like a hear your wife is in labor with the first child, and we need you to come here and be with her and see your first child born and this guy he the boss, his boss or whoever they said, Hey, we really need you to do this meeting and you know, that kind of gets me ticked off that they would even have the gall to say stuff like that because moments of your life like that, you know, your first child first kid brought into the world. You should not. You should not miss that for anything. And so this guy chose the meeting over his own daughter and wife and being born in the hospital. And to me, that is like, Wow, that is that you don't want to give up the rewards of a job of promotion money because, like we like we keep talking about No, we've been hammering that these past few episodes is we've really been hammering the fact that there is no amount of money, a promotion or anything that will buy your time back that you lost with other people. There's no amount of money to me. How much you make. You could have a trillion dollars. You could not buy back a single second of your life for a single moment. And so times like that, where his his daughter was being born and just missing that, I mean just goes to show that there you can't a moment like that's never gonna happen again. He's never gonna have that first child feeling. And so in the book, he talks about how he regrets at every single day, and he has a live with that every day. And he says he's never gonna make that decision again. He never has, never will, and that taught him how to say no to people. And I mean, that's a really extreme way to learn how to say no to people. But if you're constantly focused on things in life that are not that are constantly trying to push you forward to what you think is your your ultimate go off being a CEO of a company millionaire, mail whatever a day, a couple of hours a week, a month, it's not going to change the course. It's probably going to make your goal come quicker. If you're taking a day off every week or months to refocus, reset recharge, you're gonna get be more successful if you take a day off than if you take every day on because eventually you're gonna run out of gas. You're gonna run out of juice. Yeah, so just talking about that is really my last topic leading, and that is the like. I talked about last time getting in a car. You gotta know where you're going. You gotta know where you're going, where you direction it's headed and Ah, yeah,

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I think it comes down to balance, guys. And I just get that one thing I wanted to meet you about with balance, you know? I mean, you've gotta have that balance in your life. It's not all one sided. If it's work all the time, I don't think that's the right mentality. If it's all about your personal life, you can't do anything creative. It's a balance. You have to find that balance, you know, And that's this. Very important, you know, in life is to find balance. But I encourage you to, uh, you know, to get a church body if you can get a spiritually reset, get a physical reset from rest, you know, And emotionally, I think, you know it affects you, too, You know, in regards to being physically and mentally tarred, it just breaks you down, you know? And if you take those times to rest and also like I said, go to a play house of the Lord somewhere. You know, we're a charge. I mean, and just find a good body that you can be in and praise and give gratitude to God. You know, it's a It's a great thing. Guys. I hope you've enjoyed this, Patrick. If you have anything that's else, go ahead. That's what I have today. And I hope you guys have got some great value from this, and I hope that you'll give us feedback. Like Patrick says, Let us know what's helping you. And if we can have people on the show or something along those lines to find out where you're at, you know, and and try to go forward with what you need to do next, and I'm I'm encouraged about what we got in this new year coming up. I think it's gonna be a great year for us and a great year for other people. And I hope we get a massive amount of value to you guys. Laughed.

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Yeah, yeah, that's well said. I think, uh, just remember, guys, schedule a day off. Take a day off, give yourself a day. Pay yourself a day. You deserve it. I don't care where you are, what you're doing. You deserve a day off, so don't forget to take it so well. We'll see you next time. Thanks for listening to show. And you've been aunt if I'd see you. Are you feeling entre fied yet? We hope so. For more information and news updates, check us out at www dot entre five dot com for contact Patrick directly on facebook dot com slash patrick Hughes 9000