Becoming Entrefied

ENT 47: Mondays with Jeff - Mindset

January 27, 2020 Patrick / Jeff Episode 47
Becoming Entrefied
ENT 47: Mondays with Jeff - Mindset
Becoming Entrefied
ENT 47: Mondays with Jeff - Mindset
Jan 27, 2020 Episode 47
Patrick / Jeff

Motivation and excitement are hard to come by. Today we discuss how to tap into those powerful tools.

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Motivation and excitement are hard to come by. Today we discuss how to tap into those powerful tools.

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Are you ready to be entre vied? Let's break free of the life we're told to live, create freedom and well, by adding value to others live challenge traditions, challenge authority and get entre fied.

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Hi, guys. I'm Jeff. I'm here with Patrick, and we're for mantra fied. We hope you've been against some great value. This is another podcast we're actually doing to podcast tonight. Got a lot of great content, Patrick. Are you excited? Yeah, Making man, It's It's leading me right to my first point. And it's excitement. It's called Ramp it up. So ramp it up. Is is when you get yourself stoked to do something, you know, you get you psyched. Hey, look, I'm just gonna get excited about this, because sometimes feeling follows action. So it means getting up getting started, getting your body moving, you know? And just start thinking positive thoughts, and I'll tell you what you know. And I know because you have heard my podcast If you heard my pot, Jess, where I talked about coffee, I try to drink my coffee, get off to a good start, and I'm not pushing the coffee, but for me, I just need to kind of just relax, chill out in the morning, drink me some coffee, and I'm good to go. And I'm calling that ramp it up. So I get get my day started, right? I get to thinking positive the the story I'm telling myself today, which is I'm gonna get this done and we'll get this done. I have so much time to get this done. And then I get started right away I get mo mentum and the next thing you know, I've ramped it up until my day is just stoked and I'm I'm hitting, you know, nine out of 10. You know what I mean? So, uh, that's it's important to get started. It's important to get excited. Sometimes it just enjoy your day. Does that sound like a crazy man, Patrick?

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Well, yeah. I mean to me, I'm I'm all the time crazy. Excited about the weirdest things. A lot of people are like. Ah, like I'll get a new book. I go to a bookstore about book on. Ah, something random. Like learning more about have bunny money. A business structure wherever I'm I'm a I'm so excited to get home. Read this start studied on this, and they like me. What is wrong with you? No, but I'm excited to go party this weekend. I look at him. I'm like, man, I'm not really about that. And if you are about that lost all that's cool, cause I mean, it has a pro. Everything has a pros and cons. I mean, if you're reading the book, I mean, your con is you kind of You can't really do that with somebody else. So, uh, yeah, I mean, I think just getting excited about your passion, your purpose in life, who you are, Where you going? I think being excited and just believing in yourself is huge. Thio to really start your day and your day and everything in between.

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So how does it How do you think that affects? It's generally overall. I mean, because there's so many things in a day, and sometimes we start out. I mean, everybody has days that you're not feeling as good as others. I mean, and I do really believe that you can adjust your mind. Said I've done it. I'm telling you, I want certain things. I have done it. I have been able to switch it and just turn it around. It's not easy, but how much do you think that affects us on a daily? I mean, our mindset, that is and what we're thinking about. And it just how do you think you get in that zone? You know what I mean? Have you ever considered how you get in the zone of what you're doing or what you're looking to do?

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Yeah. I mean, my biggest thing is, uh, when generally I noticed When you have something negative going on in your day because of me, let's let's just let's just be real here, Really. The only day that matters is today, right now on the old concrete pay in the show. Oh, man, I'm butcher this. But he says, uh, tomorrow is a mystery mystery. Yesterday's history today is a gift, and so just kind of looking at dead at your day is all right. This is today. And then and then on the span of my life, I'm going to go through thousands of days. So if this day is bad, I'm not gonna focus on like, Well, stay really, really sucks. I'm not gonna let that build up because oftentimes what happens is when you have too bad things happen. Tina Rowe. You're just waiting on that third bad thing happen, and then it just it's just a downhill spiral from there. And and that's where you get really caught up in the daily the daily day until you're like, Wow, this day is really sucking and you know, you you're not thinking about how the other 29 days are great and you're like, Well, you know what? And then that's how you can put that around. That's how I flip it around as I say, Hey, you know this. I've had a great month, and now I'm having this really bad day. Why am I having this bet? I don't need to be having a bad day. I'm gonna have a great day from here on out. I'm have a great day, and then it's like you flip the switch, a light switch, and then it just goes away. At least that's how it happens for me. I'll be like, Why my Why am I sitting here drowning in the sorrows in this pity? You know what? My whole month, my whole week, they're great. I have so much look forward to. Why am I so caught up right here? I have a lot of potential. I can do a lot, and that's how I do it. How do you do it?

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Well, you know, sometimes I have, like, a time of reflection, and I know that sounds kind of weird, but, you know, I think back to the things that I really, uh, enjoy it and things that's happened to me. You know, the Bible talks about that little bit in the Bible. It talks about when you remember this. Then you will know what this was for, you know, and what you could get. I'm paraphrasing big time, but it was talking about a time they went through, you know? And I think in just general life, you know, there's time for reflection of what we went through and just knowing that Hey, man, you know, we didn't way did. We're still living. We went through some good times, You know, we made it this far. And when you start looking at it from the context of how far you've come, you know, I mean, how can you if you've got your health and you got stuff going on that you're you've been able to enjoy your life and you look back and you start. You know, I'm a Christian and you know, I'm looking looking at it from a standpoint of what God has taken me through, you know? And I look back at those things and I'm like, Wow, you know, he took care of that guy that didn't have a clue, you know, on what he was doing. And I made it through millions, you know? And so looking back at those things where you could just be happy or you're at and realize, Hey, just enjoy every moment. And I think that's keep you know, when we start realizing when you meet, when you have your needs met and almost all of your rules and you're like, Okay, what's next? No, no, no, not what's next. How about enjoying right now? So that's what I'm talking about is enjoying the moment you're in. I mean, I don't want to die right now. I mean, there's certain people that say, you know, I want to go on to heaven, you know? And hey, I want to go to heaven, you know, I heard somebody say they want to go to him, and I just didn't more beyond the first load. You know, the truth of the matter is, I want to go to heaven. But really, man, I am really blast. You know, there's things that I don't have. But for the most part, you know, just having that attitude of gratitude and just realizing where God's taking you through. And, you know, I mean, really, man, it is just amazing, you know, when I wasn't planning on bringing this up. But one of the things I think it's so important if you can do this, is when you go through something, if you'll just take a moment and write down what she went through, if it was a major ordeal, how God delivered you through these things, you know? And I mean, I know people that they're have different beliefs, some things, you know. But the truth, the matter is, I couldn't even begin to tell you the things that God has taken me through. I forgot so much, and you know, that's a shame, because if you forget things, you know, it's it's hard to relive them and take the joy from it. I mean, it might sound strange to some of you guys out there, but if you can just sit back and look and say Wow, you know it just appreciate where you're at right now. And just so you know, every day from here on out is a gift, you know? It's a gift. Yeah. Tomorrow is not promised. Today is your gift. What are you doing with your day? You know, and enjoying the moment. I'm really to be honest with you, what else do we won't? If you've got your needs, man, you're you've got most of your walls. You know, when you're trying to add value to other people's lives, you know, which I'm involved in ministry, you know, to a certain degree. And I look at this podcast is talking to you guys is minister, you know, getting involved in your life and saying, Hey, we want to add value to live your life because we do. You know, it's just it's a blessing to be here.

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Petrie. Yeah. I mean, really is to be able to to talk to talk today. I mean, there was There was last week. I think There was a police officer here. I live in Nashville. He was in Henderson Ville, Tennessee, and he was, ah, chasing a car on the interstate to pull them over. And this older elderly lady, she accidentally hit him and killed him. And today I was riding in the car with the lady and she was playing at Facebook video about this person and she said I was just sitting in church with him a week ago. I just saw him. I gave him a hug. And now the pastor is giving a sermon on his death. Yeah, And it just reminds you guys I don't care where you are in life, what you're doing if you're not doing what you're meant to do, what you're meant to be doing, where you here to be doing and you're not adding value. Know that people's lives And I know we say that a lot, and you know, you may be sick of it. You may be like, What are they even talk about? Well, what I'm talking about is you're not so self centered and focused on yourself, and you're not so focused on getting your share of the pot. You're more focused on How can I create something that impacts other people? You know, God says, I know we're getting pretty religious today, but God says, be the head, not the tell. He wants you to be a A leader. He doesn't want you to be. You know, somebody who looks out for their self because that's what a follower is. They look out for their self, okay, but anybody else they just follow, they don't lead. They don't care about leading. So I think it's very important that we have a ultimately a bigger goal to impact. People reach people. If you're Christian or not, you should be wanting to give back to the world to some capacity because it's giving you so much. I mean you. If you go said wherever you are right now, if you're in the car, you're in the gym. Just look it at what's around you and how many items around you make your life better. You know, computers, cell phones, clothes, cars. 1000 years ago, people were in deer skins. They couldn't even talk to each other over 20 feet, and I think it's being appreciative and giving back from all those people who have given to us because everything around you is a blessing in some kind of way. Life is really, really great, and you should not be thinking anything less of it. Every day is the best day ever because you're still here. You could be like that police officer who was killed. I mean, his family is is impacted. His friends, all kinds of people were impacted by his death. And and that's not I'm not saying that in a bad way. I'm saying that that just goes to show that adding value to people's lives and touching other people Well, they'll they'll know that. And even when you're gone, they'll still speak of you and that I think that's really powerful. So don't focus on yourself, guys. Will you think about that, Jeff.

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Now it sounds like that he had made it made done a lot of good for other people to They're still talking about him in a positive way, which I don't know the story, but, you know, you affect people's lives like that. You know, you're not just you're not just living for yourself. Yeah, so I mean, just, you know, look at that from that standpoint, I mean, because we're all going fast way I can't speak to that story, because I, you know, I don't have it followed that or didn't know that, Uh, but I can say that, you know, you're not, uh it's not just you, you know, a lot of people have the team is one. The truth of the matter is you're affected. So many other people's his bribes, you know, and you don't even know that. And I know we've kind of went all the way around the barn here and not went the door, so to speak it in regards to action steps, sometimes by talking about certain things, you know, like these. But really, these are the action steps, guys, these are the things that matter, you know, and caring about other people. And, you know, uh, people that has helped other people. I mean, what? That's one of the greatest things that you could say that about a person's life that, you know, they helped other people, you know, when people were still talking about them because of the fact the fact of how good they Woz and what they did. And you may say, What does that matter? Well, it matters a whole lot because I'm gonna tell you and I've said it before. You know, work is what gives life context to a certain degree, but there's not a terrible lot of things that's going the last one of the things that's gonna be eternal things that means things that outlive you, you know, things that are eternal. Most of the things that you do in life as faras riches and things that you gather and success and all that, you know, it just it just goes away. It's going to you're gonna leave it, you're gonna lay it down And you know, if people could get a good understanding, including myself, because sometimes I get to the point where I'm thinking, OK, you getting this mindset of, get, get, get, get, get instead of give, give, give, give, Give that. If you don't never stop, it's like an ongoing process. And if you don't never want to climb, ah, ladder that you've got propped up on the wrong building and you get to the top and you realize that Hey, this ain't what I wanted. And that may not be a good point of reference for you guys, but I've used that before and talk about that in the story. You want to make sure that your ladder is propped up on the right side of the building. Man, when you call, I'm all the way up to the top in your life and you look over you spent your life building something, you made it to the top. And you want to make sure that where you put that ladder is somewhere you want to bay. Because if you get to the point you climbed all that letter there all of the years. It's all for you. You just climbed the wrong ladder on the wrong building because you're gonna let all of that stuff now and you're in. I'm telling you, there is none of you that's listening to this that this won't affect you might not get what I'm saying. When I am trying to tell you is it will happen to you. Everybody dies. Everybody lays it down. You know, just like this officer, which sounds like, really, to be honest with you, the he affected pickles lives in a positive way. If they're still talking about him. Those are the things that matter. Guys is doing things for other people and helping other people. And I mean, I know, you know, we're talking about a lot of this today, but it is so true, so true that that people might, er, er and and getting beyond yourself.

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Yeah, yeah, I completely agree, DS. I mean, just I mean, it's kind of like I hear so many stories to see so many things about these people who spend their life chasing, you know, the money, the fame, and then they end their life with nothing. And and it's really we have to be cognizant of where we're going. And I love this. I don't know where I came up with this, but and I just thought of it one day. It's like getting in an uber or a car, and and then you start driving and that's it. You don't know where you're going, And that's one of the biggest problems we face today is a lot of people don't know where their car is going in life. They don't know where they're going, where their next you know where they're going and people are so focused. Let's say you're in California right now and you want to get to New York. That's that's across the entire United States. So let's say you want to go across the entire United States. So many people get freaked out. They get overwhelmed by thinking of going on that trip. They don't realize the trip is made of multiple stops along the highway, multiple tiny cities, and they don't realize when they're halfway through the trip that trips already happening. They're still waiting on to get to New York, and then I have focused on the life and the trip that's going on around them and they get So we get so caught up in ourself and who we are and what we're getting and where we're going that we start. We begin to forget about the people we meet on the trip. The people that we talked to, the people, we impact the family members. We see we begin to become so focused on ourselves and where where we want t to go ultimately and that we don't really think about all the details and all the all the moments and all the times we have with people I mean, I'm really bad about it myself. And I spend Christmas, my family and I'm sitting there enjoying Christmas and it goes so fast. It goes so fast. Guys left go so fast. And I mean, I know we keep beating this dead horse here, and I guess that's really the action step is is find a way that you can impact somebody else. Ad buy, Even if it's adding a smile to somebody's face. Can you make one person smile today? I mean, something is small and simple of that goes a long way because if your focus on money or promotions or interest, like basically just external value, you're never going to get internal value. What do you think about that, Jeff?

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Well, I'll tell you what, man. I mean, it's it's hard to come back after him because he says what I'm thinking. It's crazy. So it's like, I mean, I actually was sitting here, and I do have notes that I write down and, you know, trying to keep my thought pattern. That's what happens when you get old Patrick, you ex laughter, you know, you write down things, and, uh, if you get there get there. But one thing that he talked about was his man feature that you've given back. And that's one of the main things is what can you do to give back, you know, on a daily way and also just giving back What do you want to be known for? And I guess that's what it comes down to at the end of your life. Looking back, you know, What do you want to You know, I hate to use the legacy I really today because it sounds so. I don't know. It kind of sounds to me. It sounds selfish. It really does. When you said what would be my legs, you know, that I leave behind it, I guess it's really know it. But it's just I have a negative connotation. And but really, what I'm looking for is in my life. And I hope you know, I'm trying todo put this out to you guys and in your life. What do you want to have done with that? You know, And what do you want to have built a poem where it outlives you. You know, uh, that's that's the question, you know, is what is that for you. Is it just okay? I've arrived. I've got this, you know? Because, man, I'm gonna tell you that. I just think I mean it for May. You know, I mean, I'm not sure I've got all the answers, but I get this. What I would encourage you to do is write your own mission statement. You know what she wants your life to be, you know? Yeah. What do you think? What?

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Petrie? Yeah, I think, uh, you know, I think one thing one thing that's important is is having a solid mission statement because that really ultimate sums up everything that you want to accomplish in your life and where you want to go it. Like I said earlier, it's It's basically your map in your GPS for you want to go when you get in the car, You know the direction you know, the street you want to go to next. You don't have to know where you're going to 40 years from now. You just gotta know where you're going in the future because your maps and directions are always likely to change. And you're your goals are always likely change. Um, it's just tell you guys, ours, ours are. Here's ours. Um, for entre fied would just say your success is created by adding value to other people's lives and situations by taking action, challenging possibilities in making logical choices toward your goals and dreams. So we actually broke that down on a white on a chalkboard. We got together and ingest house and broke. Broke it down and we said, Look, what? How are we trying to impact people in their lives? And you don't see anywhere on their make money you know, help sell people whatever it's all about challenging the possibilities, challenging these traditional thoughts that people have. It's about taking action and not just talking about it, but making the podcast episodes and making logical choices, not going out and buying a new car, because you can. You have the credit score for it, but actually using your passive income and your cash flow to pay for your next vehicle purchase. So we're moving towards our goals and dreams, which is to impact other people as many as we can, and at the same time we're focused on pushing the boundaries, making smart choices, and we're just here for you guys to work with you to get there. How do you feel about that?

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Well, I'll tell you what you know. Like I said, you summed up really good. Um, I really feel like this is very important to have a mission statement. Guys, I know we've talked a lot about a lot of different things, and we had a lot more probably get into, and this podcast has been a little bit different. I locked this podcast. It's, uh it's really to the heart of what I think we're trying to bring out. And so I hope if you've got anything to not is toe, make sure you're anything valued other people I know we talked about a lot of that. Uh, you know, we mention adding value to pickles. Lives a lot, but really, it is what we're about. The mission statement, making sure that what you're working for, You know, it was something you won't. Don't wake up one day and find out. This is not what I wanted. And I understand that you just struggle when you start. You know, you don't always know, But don't get 30 40 years in and say, you know what I wish, that I want a different direction. But I will encourage you to do this. If you're already in, you think it's too late. You got one more day. If you still breathing, where there's breath, there is hope. So I don't want to discourage you into making a change, even if there's not much time for you left because it's better to go for it and you just let it go window and go away. So what I'm getting at is this, you know, uh, which make sure that you're right with God and make sure that you're right and helping people and build things that last. And that bulls down to making sure that things that you do have eternal value. Guys, they're not just temporal, but not just something that fades away that burns up with time or just flies in the wind like dust in the wind. But it's something that will outlive you. As I hope you got something from this tonight, you, Patrick, I think I can speak on his behalf. We're good enough friends for that. It's been a pleasure. And the Patrick, do you have anything else tonight?

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No, I'm just only I'll say is, um, beauty and wealth wither away. So just keep that in mind. Don't chase. Don't chase a withering flower

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and they said it better myself. Guys, we'll see you next time.

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All right, we'll see you guys, Nobody. Are you feeling entre fied yet? We hope so. For more information and news updates, check us out at www dot entre five dot com or contact Patrick directly on facebook dot com slash patrick Hughes 9000